Princess of positivity



Three days into the New year and a lovely work colleague of mine that I often share my positive musings with gave me the best idea ever…. Get a Jar ( a big one) and everytime in 2013 something positive happens you write it down and place it in the jar. Open it on New years eve and read through a list of absolute positivty and be grateful for all the nice things that happen you…..

Although it would be nice to win the lotto or have George Clooney give us a foot rub, there are other nice things that happen. Examples??

I was feeling a bit under the weather so Mr Glamity got me aq hot water bottle laptop and a glass of Coke…..

So today I got a mention in the Cork Independent……


Another of my work colleagues today brought me in a slice of home made cake, a small gesture but it will be going in the jar!

I intend on having a jarful of love by the end of the year….. and I will of course be paying it forward!




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