Glamity….. C’est Moi!


So here it is! My very own blog! I am so passionate about making people feel great! And this is how it begins! I have long asked myself what would I do without make up??? I love it! Its not the only thing that is important to me but it’s such a huge part of my life!

I guess the question needs to be answered how did someone that studied business studies, didn’t wear a proper foundation until she was 21 and ended up working in an office doing customer service and  debt collection ever end up painting peoples faces for a living??? Why at 32 did I decide to actually leave a well paid secure job and take the plunge?

Well it was a series of events! One of them being some very lazy friends, none of whom liked doing their own make up and would arrive to my house on a Saturday night with a a bottle of wine and the excuse “but you have all the stuff”. So I became quite good at smokey eyes. It was one friend in particular that nagged me! She is small but powerful.

I was always a product junkie. I remember my sister worked in Marks and Spencer and I had the roll on deo, talc and shower gel of every line they had. I hung out in the body shop on a Saturday drowning myself in Dewberry. I was obsessed with VO5 hot oil treatments. I had Rimmel Heather Shimmer.

Make up came later on….. My first make up was “Almost make up” by Clinique. I moved on at 21 to Flawless Finish…. and then it took off in a huge way……..MAC Bobbi Brown and Benefit! Estee Lauder was my Mecca and Shiseido my saviour!

So I used to get asked a lot about make up and throughout the years toyed with the idea of taking it further, never did. I sort of thought that in order to work in cosmetics you had to look like Kate Moss or Cameron Diaz! Anyway I was wrong! All you need is skill and confidence and really good interpersonal skills! I digress!

So around two years ago I won a boudoir shoot! For those of you that are not familiar with what one is it’s like a glamour girl shoot! But its more pillowfight than FHM if that makes sense. It was through this shoot I met a wonderful Make up artist. It was then at that moment I decided I wanted to do it. Strange i know. I felt empowered and dare I say beautiful.  So I started upskilling and applied for a job and got an interview! I got it!
Glamity was born a year later and I am loving it xxxxxx
Remember people will forget what you wear forget what you say but never forget how you made them feel.