GlamityJane …..the boudoir girl


So when I first won a pro photo shoot what did I do? As someone that wasn’t ever majorly camera confident I was reluctant to give it a go however as it was a prize I thought how bad could it be?

Well the initial part was nerve wracking if I am honest. I’m not terribly photogenic and I’m not particularly an amazing smiler either.

I actually surprised myself and got a little more comfortable…. I think what made the difference is the fact that Clare was amazing and she did high fashion, weddings and just normal portraits so she knew what to say.

Being in my underwear didn’t phase me as much as I thought it would although I did struggle with the ” seductive” element of it because that’s not my natural state! Had I needed to channel my inner chatty Goddess then I’d have done it with my eyes closed.

The results were great! I got some great head shots and Mr G got some great head and body shots!

The shoot is something I’m glad I did … Would I do it again???? You bet! 😉

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