Beware of the fakes…..

Where do you buy it ?

Your skin Is the biggest organ in your body and it would do you well to look after it. So when thinking of buying anything to apply to your face or indeed use on your face you must ask where did it come from?

Let me give you an example …. eBay great for buying Mac right? wrong…. Mac don’t sell brush sets with ten brushes in them or pallets if seventy eyeshadows. These products are fake! Which is no harm ? Wrong again a lot of these eyeshadows contain filling products that are not good for your hand let alone the eye area.

My advice is if you want an eyeshadow blush or whatever that you go to a department store or if you’re short on cash a pharmacy for a non designer brand . The other option is a reputable online site.

It’s better to have an arsenal of cheaper real products than a load of old tat! Plus you are keeping the economy and retailers online and stores in business and you know your money is going to legitimate businesses

Stay pretty x

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