Todays top tip: foundation spreads a lot easier at body temparature so pour a little onto the back of your hand to warm it before applying…. Flawless.
You will notice if you are ever getting your make up done most artists will do this x

Always shop for foundation in the day time… Natural light is best

Repeat after me flat foundation brushes are not flawless or flattering…. When i spoke abou Sam Chapmans real techniques which is the best Pharmacy brand I had to talk about my all time favourite foundation brush and that is Shiseidos one! Its my fave department store find and is €30.50.

Dior recently launched a similar one for €60.
The Shiseido one has a stubby handle for easier control while Diors offering just has a longer handle.

The bristles are dense and soft but give perfect coverage. Perfect and Flawless.

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