Soulful Sunday and a little bit of gratitude

Today is soulful Sunday! I often wonder what I look like through the eyes of my friends not physically (obviously) but as a person. I wonder can they see my emotions! Quite deep I know!
Anyway I have a kind of recent newfound appreciation of my life. My husband my friends and of course my job. It kind of hit me left if centre recently. Not out of loss but out of an utter feeling of love and support during a kind of tough time of sorts. I am I suppose a tough old bird genrally but when i get upset I cannot hide it! I am good at keeping secrets both my own and others but if something upsets me I find it quite hard not to tell.And sometimes I think I am guilty of the oversharing thing!

The flipside of this is that is that If something makes me happy or I get good news (unless its a secret of course) I shout it from the roof tops! I wonder does this make me slightly mad?

Anyway I suppose what I am trying to say is sometimes comparison can steal your joy… We look at the highlight reel of someone elses life and think it is just super…. not everyone tells the bad stuff….

As the princess of positivity I guess I ttry and keep the bright side out mostly! I don’t care if others think I am too happy or too positive!Some of my favourite photos of the physical me are the ones where you can see the happiness shining out!

One of my resolutions for this year as well as paying it forward is to look at all of the people I have in my life that I value. And count them and love them back!
A bit deep I know for a beauty page!
But happiness shows on the outside too don’t ya know!

I must be radiant


Glamity x

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