You are gawjus……..

Make up… It’s an obsession for so many of us. Why? Firstly it’s pretty and packaged beautifully. Sleek packaging. Chanel even use NASA technology in their Mirrors so that you can see you whole face in a small mirror should you wish!
The real reason I love make up is because strange as this may sound it can totally alter a person. I’m not exaggerating here… It can.
I meet people from all walks of life. Introverts extroverts slim curvy blonde redhead young and old. Make up changes their life. Why? Anyone that sits in my chair I endeavour to make feel better. Not out of falseness or being disingenuous but because everyone has beauty. Make up will enhance that and correct any flaws you may have. After that a good hairstyle and some positivity is all you need. Image

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