Sobe Browns nail bar…………

What a great experience in Sobe Brown today! I went in to try their new gelish (should be gel- lush) 4 week manicure! I have a bit of a nail obsession and love polishes of all different colours but inevitably went for a French polish. Natalia put a great spin on it with an ombré finish!

The skinny on this is that it’s really different to Shellac. It’s tougher and the colour are fantastic.

Firstly the cuticles are trimmed and nails are filed. I took a chunk out of my middle fingernail and lost the tip yesterday but Natalia was able to put on a very thin natural looking tip.

Then the process begins. A layer of gelish clear dry a layer of gelish pink and then the magi happened. To get the ombré tip Natalia used a teeny sponge with white gelish. That’s what gives the balayage effect!

On goes a top layer of gelish! The finish is some oil and some fancy Miller and Harris hand cream.

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