Being Honest……

I am honest… A little too honest If I am honest. But I think it is a good quality to have. Be straight up! Admit that there are people out there better than you are at certain things. Be a friend. Give someone a hug. Embrace tough love. Don’t ever intentionally hurt another soul.

From a professional perspective I am also honest. If someone asks my advice pn a certain look I will tell them whether they can achieve it. Likewise with any product I sell I am honest. I manage peoples expectation and explain the potential of a product. That is why people trust me

If I endorse a person or a business it is because I have had a good experience with them. If I have a bad experience I won’t blog about it. I like positivity. The blog I write is based on my own experience.


Will I tell, you what really bugs me? False advertising and fake products. At the moment there is a huge surge in fake products. Working in a luxury environment sometimes make you forget that not everyone is savvy when it comes to fakes.

Examples being MAC,Benefit and Dior fake products being sold on EBAY and at markets and by other people. These products while they may seem harmless are actually quite bad for you. There is no comeback if you have an allergic reaction. MAC only operate in the republic from Brown Thomas. They don’t shelf pull from BT nor do they do any training courses for Make up Artists. The only MAC trained artists are people that work or have worked in MAC cosmetics. I have the numbers of lots of actual MAC artists if anyone is interested. Not that I am taking away from these artists that are not employed or ex employees but I think honesty is important.

Dior and Benefit are sold conutry wide in Pharmacies and Dept stores, just not in markets or online.

So before you book a MUA or buy a product make sure it is real. Dont believe everything you read…..Image


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