The importance of being trendy…….

So as i am not a size 10 sometimes i find the current fashion trends a bit meh for my shape. Allow me to explain. I come from the millionth generation of apple shaped ladies. So I have ok arms and legs but my tum needs more than a pair of spanx to hide it……..However I am not the trendiest person alive anyway. I tend to stick to certain styles and know what suits me. So I am not going to be a martyr and complain! I use acessories a lot!

The one place I can be uber trendy is my make up! If there is a trend alive in the make up world I am on it like gin and tonic!

So I am shoed and handbaged to within an inch of my life……….. and my make up case is bulging with new must have products! And you know what ??? That is just fine by me…… I will never look back at a picture and go…..OMG what was I thinking with those trousers, I will however question my sanity the day I thought red blush was a trend!Image

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