Decadence- An Irish tan

Decadence Tan- I have to say I am a convert…… It arrived on Thursday and as I had a hen party over the weekend I was dubious about trying a new product but was equally time poor so decided after a quick sniff of the bottle I would give it a whirl.

I am glad I did. Firstly because Mr Glamity did the sniff test and was thrilled to report it smelt neither of curry nor digestives but kind of cosmetic-y. Result. ( It smell orangey I think).

You need to use a mitt when applying this. It comes in a handy spray bottle but if you aren’t a lover of sprays you can use it like a liquid. My favourite mitt of all is the He Shi one. I have super dry skin and felt this was nice and hydrating too.

Its tinted so you can see what you are doing and it darkens to a nice golden colour. i must say I got lots of compliments on it and the second coat made me just the kind of dark I like to be. It washes off well and you don’t get any patchy fading. You can re-apply it again straight away. It is organic so id suitable for any pregnant gals out there wondering about that. It would alos be a great male tanning product as the smell is not off putting.

If I had my own Glamity store I would stock this produxt in a heartbeat! But as I don’t please see the list of stockists here

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