Lashings of lashes…..

Ooh La La Lashes!

So the weekend is here! Yay! Here is a step by step guide to applying lashes!

1. Make sure your lashes are clean
2.Curl your own lashes
3.Hold the strip of false eyelashes up to your eye as though you were going to put them on, lining them up with where your inner top eyelashes begin. If you put them too far inward, before where your natural eyelashes begin, they will not hold as well.

4. After you have properly lined up the false eyelashes, there will usually be a little of eyelash strip that extends past where your natural eyelashes end. On the strip of false eyelashes, place your fingers a little tiny bit beyond where your natural lashes end and cut the extra portion off. The tiny portion of false eyelash strip that extends past your natural lash line will allow your eyes to look bigger because it creates the illusion that your eyes are also larger, because your lash line looks longer. (top tip)

5. Place some glue on the back of your hand
6.Using a tweezer, hold somewhere on the top of the false eyelash strip. Make sure you are holding the lashes so you are able to apply glue to the proper side. Rub the lash line in the glue.
Pay special attention to either end. Ensure the glue is tacky.

.Continuing to hold the lashes in the tweezers, place the false eyelash strip onto your natural lashes, making sure to match the false strip up with the short lashes on the inside of the eye

8. Use your fingers to gently but firmly press the lash strip onto your natural lashes-lining them up as best you can between the natural eyelash line and where your eyelid begins. Putting them further up the lid makes them look very fake and frankly scary!

9.. Once you have the lashes positioned the way you would like them, use the tweezer to carefully and gently squeeze the false lashes onto your natural lashes. This is a step that many people miss. It is important because it secures the false eyelashes and makes sure they will remain as close as possible to your natural lashes. Make sure they don’t pucker.

Voila! Ooh la la lashes!

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