The Girls Club….. Happy Birthday!

Next on my list of events was a trip to the girls club to help them celebrate their 1st Birthday.

For those of you that don’t know what The girls club is , it’s a centre for people affected by cancer and theor loved ones. It is run by volunteers and all their fundraising is done by the girls themselves and volunteers. I wasn’t really sure how I could help but It would appear a make up demo would be welcome. Off I went.


What a great bunch of gals to sit through my demo and poor Pat was plucked from the audience to be my muse. She was a perfect candidate as she had great skin and a great attitude!

At the end I did a questions and answers session and went downstairs for a cuppa and low and behold there was a prosfessional singer Adrain Kenny leading a sing song!


All in all a lovely night !

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