Photographic Work

What happens on a shoot????

Well as I am relatively new to the world of Freelancing I had done a few shows but never before a professional photoshoot….. Then I do two in a fortnight! The first pictures aren’t ready yet but the second one is and the pictures are pretty super! Yes super with a capital S why? Primarily because the photographer and I had a really great chemistry and she trusted me 100 per cent to style the shoot and help with poses.


Aisling from Sobe Brown did the hair which turned out amazingly well and Megan my Miss GlamityJane stepped behind the camera in a professional capacity for the first time and oh my God did she rock it! Part of her prize was a professional shoot with Elaine Laverty and while we were there Emma from Brocade and Lime agreed to look after the dress for the night of Miss Cork Universe which was a mega bonus!  Michelle is in wonderland was our stunning blonde for the shoot!


The shoot was great fun like a dress up for grown-ups and it was fun choosing poses and after the initial make up changing the lipsticks and retouching. Elaine even got some action shots of me doing make up! I was like a kid in a sweetshop. GlamityJane has so far exceeded all of my expectations. It is a labour of love still but the coming months are filled with bookings which is great! I love making people feel and look great and I think the easiest way to transform a look is to update your make up!


I will upload all the pic too as they were Super!

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