Devereaux Beauty- Why I will be back

Devereaux Beauty- Good Salon alert.

Anti-aging is big bucks no doubt about it. What does Jlo use? And how can you do it? Caci( pronounced Casey) is a machine originally developed for patients with Bell’s Palsy to help with the muscles on their face. It is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment that uses lifting and toning, plumps out fine lines and wrinkles and delivers what I call a solution to your skin type.

I am not tremendously wrinkled but like any person in their mid-thirties I have fine lines and to be honest I get dry and am slow to use exfoliators too often as I am quite sensitive.  I lead a busy life and my eyes can get puffy, in my defence I do drink a lot of water and I do love high end skincare.

So back to my treatment today, I love the room in the salon it was warm, comfortable and very clean. It started with a cleanse and Aoife took me through what she was going to do. The machine was extremely quiet and when the first part started it just felt kind of like a cool spoon over my face and you could feel the toning sensation. She used the machine over my mouth cheeks and forehead and around my eyes. In the name of research I also tried the wrinkle comb over my fore head, this is a targeted treatment for wrinkle. I had a medium intensity which is not uncomfortable but you would certainly feel a pins and needles sensation across my forehead.

Onto my favourite part…. The skin buffing. This sounds a bit like a dental drill and reminds me of a manicure buffer. I liked it because I love the after effects.

Next up a hydrating masque, a cloth like masque similar to those used in Crème De La Mer and Shiseido. The machine is back to ensure that the skin underneath is fully hydrated and built back up to lock in the moisture.  It is kind of like a yoga workout for the face.


The results?  Soft hydrated skin that the initial redness (you will get this after all facials) was gone in an hour. My skin feels great and looks really bright. I can honestly say I prefer the results than when I had a glycolic and microdermabrasion.  The treatment I had today costs €90


What else can it do? So there are other attachments that can be used for different skin types.  If you suffer with adult acne there is a special technique the machine uses to deliver an anti-bacterial healing action on the skin cells. It helps with spots and blemishes. This treatment costs €70.


I have used Devereaux  in the past for nails and for tan and find the salon great with consistent service and no pushing of products on you. They stock Ardell lashes and Semi Permanent lashes and also do Micro needling. They stock Dermalogica products and are CND Shellac approved.







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