High End Verus High Street? Who is a winner?

High End Verus High Street????

Ok so I went into Boots in Opera Lane last week and was delighted to see Smashbox back in action. They have also added Bumble and Bumble and Ojon Hair care!

Now I am a hair freak but was really surprised that there wasn’t anybody specific / there to offer advice??? Now I love the Boots in Opera Lane and spend many a lunch time sniffing spraying and testing (and buying) products there, The staff are lovely and sooo helpful. Many a time have I not spotted an offer only to be told at the till and some lovely assistant leg it and get the product for me! Mwah x

I was just really surprised that there wasn’t someone there on the counter to offer advice. The Bumble and Bumble products aren’t cheap so I think I will forgo my advantage card points and hot foot to Sobe Brown Hair Salon for advice! Who wants to spend €41 on a product without a bit of reassurance and advice??? Not me!

So that is I guess the difference between High End and High Street!

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