Lets hear it for the boys……

What’s mine is yours…… Not strictly true!

So Mr Glamity was never a big buyer of male grooming products until he met the princess of products (me). He does now groom himself to acceptable standards, which is? I often would warm him to leave my Shiseido cleansing foam or Aveda shampoo alone in the shower just in case. Male proucts are different you know!

 So what exactly is male grooming and why is it so important? Is it not an oul bit of Old spice and a handful of Shockwaves Gel and out the door? Not strictly true!

 Well depending on the male they like to moisturise and cleanse. Men nowadays are getting regular facials, Teeth whitening, Botox and waxing. Fake tan is becoming popular among men that would have traditionally used sunbeds by way of tanning. But boys I here you shouting what is a basic routine, the most basic? Well here it is. Cleansing: Choose foam or wash for your skin. Its quick and can be used in the shower. Post shower and shave use an aftershave balm. This will help to close pores and keep the skin hydrated. Those guys with tough beards should use a scrub once a week to prevent ingrown hairs.

A good anti-dandruff shampoo id a must and some sort of styling product of your hair is over a few centimetres long. An anti-perspirant is a good way to keeping you smelling good, they contain active ingredients. Deodorants and Body Spray are only a scent you see!  Some aftershave is essential. Keeping fingernails and toenails short and your cuticles trimmed is also a must particularly for those of you working with the public!

If you are interested in ramping up your routine you could pluck away the uni-brow and trim nasal hair using a trimmer. You could opt for some tan one of the more popular brands being He-Shi or Shiseido gel. Ask for some advice on tan application as it can be tricky!

To conclude male grooming is every bit as much of a minefield as female grooming! Keep it simple and consistent and you cannot lose!

My very last piece of advice is a wardrobe one! Invest in a good white shirt for summer. It’s great with jeans, khakis or a nice suit! Make it your investment pieces, Brown Thomas have a white shirt bar in Caroline street. Smyth and Gibson is Gary Barlows favourite and he is a dapper gent indeed!

Stay handsome boys!

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