Eyelashes- How do you treat yours?

So in this day and age where you can get strip, individual, one night and semi permanent lashes we aften forget about our own. How do you mind them?

Well the first tip i have is to brush them with an empty mascara wand. No.7 have these or if you pop into any department store one of the lovely assistants will help you. Brushing them detangles and separates them.

Next on the agenda is to use a dedicated eye make up remover and some gente cotton wool. And by gentle cotton I do not mean the Penneys one!

Avoid rubbing your eyes!

If you are buying budget lashes make sure you don’t use the glue that comes with them. buo some Dup glue or Eyelure glue. Avoid all others. When removing the fakers please just soak the eye area in make up remover first to dissolve the glue.

Vaseline is great to treat your lashes just think of it as a once a week treat!

Last but not least be gentle with the eyelash curlers!