Plus size shopping!

So as a gal that is a size 8 (on her feet) but a more voluptous size everywhere else I sometimes find it hard to find nice tailored clothes that aren’t tent like and overpriced. I am not omiting my size on purpose but I find it varies from shop to shape.

I went to Dublin this week for experience Japan and while up there between demos and workshops i got me some shopping done!

First out of the traps was forever21. They are young fashionable and really keenly priced. The clothes are quite sexy and fitted but not over the top tarty particularly for the curvy lady. Next I went to New look, now here is the thing i love about new look, they carry some of the styles from their main range across to the Inspire range. The only negative thing is that many of the Tshirts are quite long and not really suitable for the smaller gal!

Dorothy Perkins is another good spot that has some great accesories too. We are talking chunky bangles cute clutches and most of their range reaches a 22.

Marks and Spencer and Debenhams have a great range of underwear. In terms of tailoring I think Marks have it nailed. The cut of their workwear range is really good and their Autograph range offers good clean lines without looking overly conservative. Per Una offer softer lines and is perhaps more suited towards the 40 plus age market.

Debehams range is a good high street range with most of their deisgners going up to 22. If you are looking for upmarket then Brown Thomas have a broad spectrum of labels that cater for curves. COS is an affordable brand that is wuite modern and is famous for its knitwear and workwear, Basler is a pricer range that used to be targeted at the 50 okus lady but now caters for younger gals with skinny jeans and strong print scarves being the order of the day. Phase eight and fenn wright manson cater for the gal up to an 18.

Online ASOS do a curve range as do Littlewoods. Simply Be is another fab site but the clothes can be quite pricey on that site. i will take some pics of my purchases and post them tomorrow!

Stay pretty!


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