So I had the pain of finding out last week that one of my pals in Dublin hasn’t been following my articles in the Cork Independent. We were you see headed out for drinks when I asked him ” Steven what are we doing as regards dress ? Casual dressy” to which he replied “oh casual “. I asked casually had he read my precious weeks piece regarding male grooming ? He said no but he does ” manscape ” FYI. Now what is Manscaping I hear you ask? It is according to Urban Dictonary ” the removal of superfluous fur”. Take from that what you will!

To me Manscaping is keeping the garden tidy, by garden I mean the nether regions , chest and back hair and beard.

How is this achieved? Well male trimmers, the old crack sack and back wax and an old fashioned scissors.

I can regale many a story wheree a friend has headed off on a few dates and got amorous and discovered many a horror!

For me I like a man that maintains himself but not overly so. Mr Glamity ticks the right boxes in that sense. Is well groomed but a little bit manly.

So here are a few no nos… This is my own opinion but I reckon I’m pretty average. Minimum requirements are: respectable length and style of hair. Styling products essential, use of a straightener ? Nah. Brows ? Shaped to non Neanderthal level , removal of the unibrow, trimmed brows, nasal and ear hair. Clean ears are mandatory.

Now here comes the other stuff. Underarm hair ? Chest hair and any hair south of the border is to be honest fine by me. I prefer a bit of hair on a man , think more David Hasselhoff than Tom Jones though!

Finally a well clipped finger and toenail might just win you best in show!

Stay handsome boys xxxxx

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