Ladies Lunch in Aid of Chernobyl at the Bodega- 26th April

When I was asked to make up the models for this lunch I didn’t hestitate but to say yes for two reasons firstly was the obvious fantastic charity that is Adi Roches Chernobyl Children and secondly because I so like a nice lunch.

My first model arrived bang on time to Sobe Brown, I haven’t worked with Lockdown a whole lot but when I do they are always on time. I like this it keeps everything running smoothly as possible. The models are always  chatty animated and obedient. Obidient is a funny word to use I know but when under time constraints its important that they take direction. Two of the gals went ti BT to Ann at Shiseido and I tackled the other 5. The brief given by Nicola was a .daytime natural and a strong lip. I added some subtle lashes too. Joanne Dawson from Joannes Beauty rooms in Glanmire came ot give me a hand with prepping the models skin and finishing with lashes and mascara. I am after all one woman!

KT who is Sobes latest recruit looked after the hair. She sis a sleek pony with a lot of texture. For Pat who has a Monroe type bob she sleeked the look up!

Once the models were done I hot footed over to do Amanda Brunkers make up. She had made a start already as her schedule was so tight. I can honestly say she was the funniest person I have every done make up on. We had plenty of Banter and i showed her the way to the Bodega and headed off to do my own make u,an arduous task after just doing up one of Ireland’s most gorgeous women. She denies it buy we know it!

Sweet Mother of god I had the biggest wardrobe Malfunction ever had to go home and get changed after getting my Mop sorted by KT.

The lunch was superb, the Prosecco even better and the fashion unrealI have been to lots of big lunches where the food lets the venue down but this was not the case here at all. There was enough food and it was piping hot as well as tasty.

Amanda rocked the MCing, Emer from Lockdown Models did a great job of talking us through the clothes AND THE MODELS WERE CARRYING BAGS FROM THE SHOPS. Brillo! Verso,The Dress Bar, Ernest Perryman and Christine Butler Millinery were the ones that stood out for me.  The hats were amazing but wearable. The models looked superb and to me Pat Walker always lights up the Catwalk. Simone Butler a young girl just blows me away everytime I see her. She has an inbuilt ability to judge what the Audience want. I love her! If I ever create a fashion or make up line she is who I would hire. In an instant.

Adi Roche gave a heartfelt speech about Chernobyl and how 27 years later the people and children in the area are still being affected by the repercussions of that fateful April 26th.Looking at the smiles of the children through adversity, at the love and care given to them thanks to the Irish people was heartwarming. Adi does great work and is really such an amazing eloquent spokesperson for what is a really tough subject. Nobody like seeing poeple suffer but especially hard to watch are children. I will carry a little piece of Chernobyl in my heart forever.

After lunch the Roaring 40’s gave a super performance and the night carried on from there (for some of us a second meal and a few G and Ts). I won’t name any names but a gang of us ended up having a right laugh in the Ambassador Chinese.

Photos to follow!

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