Bigger Bigger

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

As you are all well aware by now products are my passion get the right one and I am rightly hooked. Anyhoo the guys at John Frieda must have heard on the grapevine about my fine and dry hair and sent me some booty to pimp out my hair basket! By hair basket I mean the basket that sits on my vanity unit full of hair products.

The shampoo and conditioner are great they leave your hair squeaky clean and perfectly conditioned. Now I am always going on both here and on Facebook about how much I love the treatment for stressed out blonde hair… The good news is that I can still use it. It just falls in with this line perfectly.

The scent from the range is what I have come to expect from JF now overpowering but perfectly pleasant. Next up I did a bit of a root lift with the blow dry lotion. It wasn’t sticky at all and didn’t leave my hair with that crispy texture you sometimes get with products. I used it while using my trusty Babyliss Big Hair. The following day I gave the dry shampoo a whirl and this actually gave me back a bit of Oomph in my hair as well as a quick refresh I have since bought a spare bottle for my locker and my Batiste has been replaced!

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