The Double Cleanse

And so it begins the art of the double cleanse… What is it I hear you shout? Isn’t a swipe of a wipe enough to clean my face? I’m busy. Stop it. Back away from what is a Kleenex soaked in wine and put the pack of nasties down. You gotta double cleanse and here’s why.


The first cleanse is with a cream cleanser.. So something along the lines of Clinique take the day off cleanser and remove with some damp cotton this is specifically for make up removal and there is a separate product for your eyes.

Eye make up removal needs to be done with soft good quality cotton wool. The best eye makeup removers are the dual phase ones which are the ones you must shake in order for them to activate. Clarins , no.7 , Clinique and Shiseido all have this types. Use a cotton bud to remove the eye liner or wayward bit of mascara.

Then comes the cleansing foam with Future Solutions by Shiseido being my favourite. There are other foaming cleansers available but to be honest this is one of the only non drying ones. I use a cleansing massage brush with it. The second cleanse is to remove any further oil or impurities, perfect clean and ready for the next step!

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