Bridal Friday- Sobe Brown

Sobe Brown on Morrisons Island are best known for their work on RTE and editorial they are regularly on The Echo and RSVP. They also are my own hairdressers and I would trust them with a scissors and tube of colour any day. See below for new kid on the block KT’s top tips for your wedding mane…. PS it is probably worth listening to as she has won loads of awards.. • When looking for hair ideas in magazines and on line, look at styles with the same colour hair as your own. Please bear in mind up style looks completely different on blonde hair than brown hair. • Remember you will be looking at these pictures forever and you want to love your hair then too. You don’t want to be looking back with a nervous smile at an ombre asymmetric ponytail. You can have something different and funky just add your own personal touch to a classic up style …for example a classic French roll can be turned at different angles, can be smooth or soft with texture to completely change the look. • If you wear your hair down most of the time and you want it up on the day, start putting your hair up yourself more so you’re comfortable with it on the day and it doesn’t feel so alien. • The neckline of your dress is also super important. If you are trying things yourself at home or when you’re getting the hair trial done at the salon wear a top a similar shape to the top of your dress or better still organize your dress fitting after your hair trial so you have a better idea of your over all look. • If you want soft waves or curls in your down style and you have very straight, thick hair or have extensions get your trial done early in the morning and see how long it lasts,you may need to change your style or discuss it further with your stylist if it has fallen out by lunch time. • .If you want an up style but don’t like the structured look, there are plenty of soft looks that work and very wearable and also stand the test of time. Finally keep the colour pretty classic and be consistent with cutting and colour coming up to the big day. Don’t opt for any colour that is too out there or high fashion for your wedding. The work shown is a montage of Aisling, Pam and KT’s work! Find them on facebook!

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