Detox your skin

Detox your skin

Admit it…. You love yucky things like squeezing spots and plucking hairs… This is a product that gives you more pleasure than both of those things put together.. Tricia from the beauty parlour very kindly sent me a sachet to try. You apply it onto clean skin and let it go hard and then take it off with warm water.
The mud is nice but shows up every blemish and pore and blackhead. What are you left with? Glowing radiant and uncongested skin. I loved the product and will purchase to see results. When I only used it twice it’s hard to see a long term effect but reckon its great for giving the skin a polished glow! It’s not harsh or stingy which is always a plus. It retails at €54.99 and is available in the beauty parlour in Ballincollig

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