This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray

This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray

his little beauty arrived at Glamity HQ a week ago and sleep has never been so good. Firstly lets get the introductions out of the way: This works haven’t featured on Glamity before and are only available a short time in Ireland . They sell natural products and their philosophy is :

Purity: free from sulphates , synthetic colours and fragrance, parabens And Gmos.
Eco friendly: packaging and ingredients are environmentally conscious.
Integrity; they put money back to communities.

So the packaging ain’t very high tech but I like that. The product itself smells lovely. It’s very lavender but not synthetic smelling for example it smells more like Lavender plant than Lenor if you catch my drift.
The theory behind this product is simple you spritz it on your pillows and sheets before bed and the aroma sends you to sleep. . I was seriously skeptical, I don’t sleep very well and have sensitive skin so I was thi king I’d end up with no sleep block sinus and a face rash.. Quite the opposite. Fresh, well rested no rash and the room still smelt lovely the following day. Mr Glamity had no objections to the smell in fact he commented on my ” shower gel or hand wash ” smelling nice . He was none the wiser until I told him. Now before all the mothers have a hernia .. This is not suitable for babies but there is a special babies one coming in September and I have a baby lined up to try it.

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