What I can’t live without… For holidays

So what can Glamity not live without? What has to come in my holiday make up bag. I’ve been yapping on about this on Facebook for the last few days so thought it was definitely time to do a blog post! This is only the day….

Número UNO: I am the annoying person by the pool with her make up done so Shiseido sun liquid foundation is the first call. Factor 30 and super colour to match my tan (which is Karora not the sun) I also have the aforementioned in a compact to keep it topped up. A dash of Elizabeth Arden bronzer over it completes the au natural base. Tis very water resistant which means it won’t sweat off… I also wear a gigantic hat and sunnies to protect my face from becoming handbag like.

Rimmel waterproof mascara is my next one as nobody likes a panda eyed sunbather.

All of my sun care is Shiseido you cannot beat them for a luxury product packed full of anti ageing. I use factor 30 on my body with factor 50 on my décolletage. I pop some of the batiste plumping powder in my hair to fluff it up!

I am predisposed to getting huge blistering cold sores so I also use the SPF 20 stick. I’m ashamed to admit some gosh toffee liner goes under it to make it look like lipstick .

That’s my poolside routine! I have been told by friends that it’s as much as they do going to work … But painting faces is what I do everyday! It’s the least I owe myself