Choosing a Make up Artist for your big day!

Choosing your make- up artist for your wedding

Every aspect of your wedding is so well thought out and so perfect, the Groom, the dress your perfect venue, that sometimes the other details get pushed to the back. Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing your MUA and what to expect.

Check out reviews and Facebook for pictures, most MUAS will have a portfolio of work available to view online.. Ask around for a recommendation, your work colleagues, friends and family will all have someone they have dealt with.

Firstly make sure to book well in advance the best ones are booked up to 18 months ahead, prior to making a booking or paying a deposit get a trial to ensure that you are on the same page as the person. Personally I think that bringing a picture of you to the trial when you thought you looked amazing will give the MUA a better idea of what your typical look is. Your wedding day you will be wearing more make up than ever but it needs to be natural, last and photograph well. That is the job of the professional.

Remember only a deposit will secure your date. Give the MUA an exact number of people that she will be doing and get her to email you a quote, bearing in mind you will be charged more if on the day you decide that your Aunties eyes need doing or your nieces blusher.

The morning of the wedding the maid of honour should take over. She should liaise with any last minute problems and ideally you are free for hair and make-up. Make sure you have a good breakfast and that everyone is where they should be when they should be ,for example your bridesmaids will have theirs done first and you will be second last. Everyone gets a top up before they head out the door.

With an MUA you get what you pay for …….

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