The holiday make up bag….. every girls nightmare

The biggest quandry of all time is the make up bag…. with airlines now making us afraid to go an ounce over our allocated luggage allowance and the restrictions on what you can carry through the hand luggage section our make up bag is just another problem we have to endure. Fear not! I have after years of hauling too much perfected thhis to a fine art!

Perhaps a little tardy posting this in Sepetember but that is my only opportunity to get some vitamin D all through a factor 50 of course dahling!

So yesterday you saw my musings of the poolside make up and for night time that does change slightly. I stick with the Sun Liquid by Shiseido for night time but mattify with the compact version. To add some prettiness I add Bobbi Brown Shimmering Blush in Coral and some Bobbi Shimmerbrick in Nectar, a lovely present given to be by my pal Ruth. This combo gives a good glow… see the holiday pic below! For my lips I can do a few different things, the Paula Yates red (my husband calls it this) which is Mac Russian red with Shiseido Lacquer Rouge over it in RD607 or as displayed in the holiday snap a bit of mac boldly bare liner and some Esesnce gloss. Liner I wear the Estee lauder double wear kohl and the  No17 gel one! Image

I have a small Bobbi Brown pallet that I got as part of the BT delights last year and i bring this because it is tiny and has all the smokey colours i like. My brow pallet by Shiseido is next. This is a new find and I prefer it to brow zings as the colour is more blonde appropriate.

The bronzer of choice is the Elizabeth Arden one in Medium and an Estee Lauder Bronze goddess for my decollatage because of the glitter!

So you see it is pretty easy…. wait til you see my skincare and haircare post….. Excess baggage alert!

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