Photo ready…..

The Finishing touches…… probably the biggest difference you will notice


Have you ever seen someone with a visage so perfect you feel that they have photo shopped their face? Obviously you know they haven’t but there is a certain alluring quality bout their make-up that you cannot put your finger on?  That my friends are the finishing touches and I will let you in on some trade secrets:

  1. Highlighting powder or cream. This is a wonder product that you use on the high points on your face like the cheekbones under the brow bone and even along your shin It adds light and youth to the face. Personally I like the powder as it lasts a little better and I am having a love affair with Shiseidos’ offering of WT901( you can get your hands on this in Brown Thomas).Instant radiance. The powder products are better value for money too. I have my highlighter over eight months and there is another eight left in it for sure.
  2. Blush: I love it. A light dusting on the apples of your cheeks will show you instant youth
  3. Lip Liner: A must for anyone over the age of 17 it will keep you lippy where is should be and stop it bleeding. Apply it along the lip line and if you want extra staying power you can fill in the whole lip.
  4. Blotting papers! These little beauties are perfect for taking off excess oil and are great for those that work in warm conditions or experiencing tropical moments!  They don’t remove your foundation just the shine nobody wants to be shiny, glowing yes but shiny no.MAC and Shiseido sell these.
  5. Bronzer: A light dusting of bronzer over the face and décolletage gives such a great look. It also add dimension to the face and can help make the nose appear smaller and the chin and jawline more defined.
  6. The Super brow: A well-defined brow is worth putting effort into. If you are a brow novice use a pencil in short sharp strokes and a brush to blend. For those of you that are a bit more familiar you could use a brow kit!

So there you have six top tips for keeping you looking primed and polished. It really is the little tricks and tips that make all the difference especially in a photograph.


Photo Elaine Laverty

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