T3 probably the best styling tools I’ve ever tried

Now I’m going to get the science bit over kinda quickly here… A hair dryer is a hair dryer right ? Eh no it’s not. Hair dryers wands and even straighteners differ a great deal and like everything in this world you get what you pay for.

Allow me to explain further .. The material that is in all hair tools is called tourmaline and this is what helps your hair to get silky smooth. A regular hair dryer or tool is dipped in this several times. Now it’s not invincible and eventually it fades off. Kinda like the €10 gold finish on the ring you bought in Topshop.

With T3 appliances the tourmaline is built in. So it never gets worn or fades off. This is where your true gold comes in and it ain’t the type you buy in Argos get me? It’s super posh but very effective.

So anyway I gave them a whirl at the Aveda Counter at BT.

What I liked was that the temperate on the wand was controlled so my baby fine bleached blonde hair needed less heat than my esteemed colleagues Linda who’s hair is as long and thick as Kim K.

They aren’t cheap but are an investment piece
My must buy is the hair deter that comes with a fab brush for €245…. Santa if you are listening?????


They are available in limited numbers now at all Brown Thomas and Selfridges

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