Karma….. Why the word now exudes negativity for me

Karma…. For me onetime meant good things. A one good deed deserves another type of scenario. Or you get back what you give. As a generally upbeat type of gal with nice thoughts and normally not being the jealous type ( in that I’m happy when things go peoples way) I’m astounded by the amount of posts that say ” I will leave you to karma” etc.

I like to think people are inherently good. Some people make bad decisions but generally I think it’s not inbuilt into anyone to deliberately be nasty sometimes circumstance make them so. The bad apples don’t get to stick around much in glam-land nor do they get any of my headspace. I’m too busy loving those that love me.

So can we all please give karma back it’s original meaning good as well as the not so good.

I would be forever in your debt! Thanks!

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