Why I am happy being an employee

I’m happy being an employee. Allow me to explain. Some folk set the bar quite high in relation to aspiration and ambition and I am no different. I relish being good at what I do and hope to climb the ladder at work. I think I’m hard working and loyal and well performing. Results generally indicate so. High mystery shop results, happy target scenario and no phone calls to say otherwise.

Returning to retail during the big r was a dangerous gamble for me. When I broached the subject with friends they were all surprisingly positive but did ask me how I’d feel giving up a 9-5. Returning to something I was passionate about won me over. It has been challenging in lots of ways but i work in what I believe to be the Mecca of retail.

A lot of people in my industry go it alone after serving their time. Me? I’m quite content leaving the overheads. marketing and finances to someone else. I dip my toe in a little writing and a all bit of freelance work. The freelancing is generally for charity.
I can’t say I will never ” go it alone” but the idea to me is pretty overwhelming. I’m not especially business minded in that sense. Ok I know how to sell. I can put a few sentences together. I am persistent. I offer great service. I have good support. In fact I even have a wish list of people I would have for specific things like accounts, marketing and even a graphic designer!

Right now though I’m happy doing the employee thing. I have a regular salary topped up by commission and bonuses, I work hard and play hard.

Glamity enterprises is a long way off I think. My Glam HQ will maybe switch from my living room to a proper home office space in the New Year. I wouldn’t know where to start on the other stuff! And while there are bills to be paid and work to be done I’m staying right where I am!


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