Things to avoid for Lent

A few things to avoid doing in your daily beauty routine

Daylight is probably the most unforgiving, it is when you notice dirty windows and crow’s feet so here are some beauty blunders to avoid in your daily beauty routine.

Cleansing wipes: Chuck these in the bin they are alcohol soaked, skin drying cloths of misery.  They will dry out your skin, not remove make up properly and are generally blemish causing. Use a cleansing foam or cream to wash your face. I bought a Clarisonic recently and have noticed my skin is much cleaner and my products are working better.

Over plucking your brows:  Back away from the mirror ladies plucking your brows everyday will lead to thinner, less shaped brows. Threading or waxing every five to six weeks should be sufficient and will frame your face, leave it to the pros. If you feel that they are out of control between appointments use brow mascara on them. Catrice do a great one for under a fiver.

The second coat of mascara: Find mascara that suits your lashes and needs, sometimes a second coat during the day looks clumpy and messy. Pick out one to curl and define your lashes for the daytime. I love Estee Lauder Double wear.

Darker foundation: your everyday foundation should match your skin type and tone to avoid the tide line effect and ideally should be applied with a brush. Shiseido have the best brush that knocked two minutes off my regular application time. Natural looking foundation should look fresh and evenly applied.

Dramatic eye shadow: If you are getting ready and under pressure for time, eye shadow is one thing that can get pretty complicated. Choose easily blend- able taupe and nudes for a pretty fresh look.

Long wear lipstick: drying and generally awful stick to a hydrating one. Revlon do a great range of lip butters which are sheer and hydrating.


Published in The Cork Independent in 2014





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