Real Techniques- retractable wonder brush ( bronzing)

Bronzing is dodgy business this I know. It can give way to a myriad of problems from blotchy face to brush marks where your oily t zone absorbed the powder. Enough! The Real Techniques brush is a saviour for a number of reasons and here they are;

It’s made of non shedding ,ultra fine taklon bristles that are easy to wash. You know what that means? No tide marks or hairy face.

It’s retractable so it won’t bronze the inside of your make up bag.

It’s stippled head will ensure that all ties to Ooompa Lumpa ville are denied as it’s impossible to overload the brush.

You can use it on the face, neck , décolleté and body, that’s how soft it is x

In short buy the brush…. Available from Boots for €16.99


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