Pride in your work means you’re always growing professionally and personally.

It’s amazing how when you look back at your earlier work whether it’s yesterday or three years ago you think… God I’ve come so far or I couldhave done that differently. I’ve not got a fairly well established client base that visit me at work and indeed get me to visit them when they are in need of a touch up or full make up. I’m quite proud of myself. I’m also incredibly proud of the place I work, the people I work with and the company I work for.

Shiseido Ireland took a chance on me, granted I had a good business and sales background, a background in luxury sales but my job title when they took me on was ” Office a Manager”. Not technically very make up like. My days were filled doing filing, selling and calling people that were late sending in their cheque. The one thing I did have is passion. Passion for cosmetics for making women feel good and I was later to discover for putting words on paper. I served my time as an account manager and apprentice make up artist and now three years on things are going great.

Something to be grateful for….. Someone took a chance on me and now I’m doing what I should have done ten years ago x


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