Selfies… Raising money and emotion

The selfie for cancer awareness has raised half a million in a few days for the Irish Cancer Society and it’s shown us once again how generous the Irish are when it comes to a good cause.

What it also showed me is how mean spirited and self indulgent people could be. I popped a status up to be greeted with ” sure people are only looking for compliments ” and ” how can you be sure that money is going where they say it is”. The former being I think silly, who wants their face all over social networking with out make up? The latter is probably a result of recent charity misdemeanours which I can understand.

What I wasn’t ready for however were the people that were complaining about people ” clogging their newsfeeds with selfies” .

Now I have what I would call an active social life. I enjoy a good night out but don’t really do the selfie thing when I’m out , mainly because I haven’t the time to set the shot up and I don’t spend hours pouting and generally I’ve more respect for those I socialise with.

My newsfeed is regularly awash with pictures of people’s dinners, selfies, handbags , drinks and kids. I often smile at how much someone’s baby has grown or how witty someone is.

Checks in are great… I do partake in that myself. Anyway the people I don’t want to see I just hide or unfriend. It makes sense. Facebook is an online diary essentially and people’s interaction is very much dependent on their personality. The only thing I object to is pictures of dead, sick or suffering babies and animals. So you are the master of your own Facebook destiny . You will always reap what you sow positive or negative.

So for anyone that thinks that the selfies aren’t raising money you’re wrong. Not raising awareness about boobs , cervical screening or checking your testicles? You’re wrong. Attention seeking? You’re wrong . And finally insulting to your eyes or belittling
the fact that you’ve lost someone to this horrible disease? Yep folks I’m afraid you’re wrong!





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