Clarins Multi Blush…. Perfect for your make up capsule wardrobe

So as someone that loves blusher I nearly fainted with excitement with Siobhan presented me with these. A little background first on me with Clarins, I love their products and Siobhan the trainer for Clarins did my wedding make up. Imagine what a task that was. My love of blush obviously stuck in her mind and I was delighted and excited to try these out.

They look kinda scary if you’re not a blush fan but they go on sheer and build able either with your finger tip or a synthetic brush. They blend fabulously and look great on the cheek. Why should you buy it? Firstly they are dead handy on the go and secondly the colours are super. The two in the photo are Grenadine and Rosewood and the Grenadine is the one I have on me. They remind me of years gone by when I used to watch my mother put on her rouge which was really her lipstick blended into her cheeks. She favoured this method as she always claimed it looked better that traditional blush.

They are super for more mature ladies too. They remind me of Bobbis Pot Rouge but the colour is more sheer and the product itself is like a hard lip balm consistency . When I wore it on my lips it lasted through two glasses of wine before I needed to reapply and went really well with a clear gloss over if you want a glossier rather than a stained finish. All in all a great present or purchase to you from you! And as it’s a double jobber it’s perfect for a teeny weeny make up bag!

Clarins you never disappoint me.

There’s more to come on Clarins gals I can tell you! My love affair has been reignited!


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