Catrice, not a bad buy at all.

For €3.29 my expectation was low, but for such small bobs I couldn’t be disappointed really. What I was expecting was to be impressed. As someone that burns the midnight oil regularly I can often look tired and lack lustre. For my waterline on those days I normally use MAC lingering for a bright eyed non red rimmed look. I spotted this flesh coloured one which is a dupe for the Chanel one.

It promised long lasting and illuminating which it is, what do you use it for? Inside the waterline to give you a nice fresh look. This would be great on all skin tones as it’s beige and not as obvious as white. Buy it! Especially if you are a late night reader or have limited sleep due to babies and children.

It has a nifty built in sharpener too. The liner is nice and soft too so it won’t hurt your peepers trying to apply.


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