Skincare… Why Aldi and Lidl will be the death of me…

An article many moons ago in the Irish Indo proclaimed that Aldi creams had the same as big brands, ever the beauty junkie off I went to try it only to end up with the face burned off me… A free chemical peel if you will.

Scalded and feeling done out of the €2.99 I had spent I vowed to never skimp again. I’ve kept to my word and if I see or hear one more person saying how wonderful they are I may scream! The adverts for their body butter got my attention…… It was advertised as coconut … It smelt more like the plastic coconuts we had at our garden party last year.

Here is the problem, the main ingredients in these products are crap, not being uncharitable but they are pore clogging crap, stuff like mineral oil and fragrance. You may see benefit from temporary hydration but really that’s it. I would not use it on my feet.

Now before you write me off a skin care snob, I rate a lot if cheaper brands, just not Aldi or Lidl.

So Caveat Emptor in this case… You get one face treat it right folks! X