What I wore make up wise Thursday

So anytime I wear a BB cream or tinted moisturiser I get compliments on my skin. With that in mind I was thrilled to bits when I caught wind that Estée Lauder were releasing a longer wearing formula. Perfect for my day off. With tan I’d be an intensity three but this time if year a two is perfect. The long wear formula is great coverage wise and the the BB illumination is perfect too for the dull under eyes.

Many of you may not know this but being on the contraceptive pill can cause pigmentation around the eye area. That and sunbeds and sun exposure when I was a young pup. The under eye illumination is creamier and less pink than. The touch éclat and doesn’t sit in my lines and 35 year old wrinkles.


Furthermore it’s light reflecting and perfect for my pigmented under eyes. I used a little bronze goddess bronzer and mac copper tone matte blush. A dash of Mac lippy in syrup finished off the look as well as mac eye shadow!

Fresh and not too shabby here are the results


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