Pink Avenue brushes… Worth the investment

A hairy face is something no woman wants am I right? When a brush sheds there’s is nothing worse, so I put some Pink Avenue ones through their paces recently and I must say for the price point they aren’t half bad.


Designed by a make up artist I had high hopes for these and they didn’t disappoint. Let’s start with the contour brush, the bristles are a little harder than the Mac one I normally use but they blended perfectly and it didn’t shed, the shape is perfect for cheek contouring and brilliant for not shedding. You can also use it to apply blush to your cheeks.

Next up is the foundation brush, I have a bit of dislike for flat foundation brushes finding them a bit time consuming. This one I used for applying a cream highlighter and it was perfect. Great for concealing around the eyes too. You could equally use it to apply your primer and for 13.99 you cannot go wrong.

My fave of all was the eye blender, it picked up the right amount and pigment and blended so well. I am going to invest in a second one of these for applying a cream concealer to blemishes. It’s pretty flawless in terms of application and blending and for the price? A steal. €9.99 you wouldn’t get a pharmacy brand for that price.

Last but not least was the powder brush, I loved this too because the head wasn’t huge, I like applying powder to the points of my face that get oily, this head was the perfect size, I used it with a pressed Bobbi powder and was so impressed that I used it on Friday at a wedding I did. It picks up the right amount of product and distributes it evenly. The bolt thing missing from the range is a lip brush. Are you hearing me at hQ?

You can buy them on

I have no doubt that they will add more to their collection. I’m toting these around in my make up bag as my top up set as we speak. Handy price point and very handy products.

In terms of who they would suit? Anyone that’s looking to expand their brush set on a budget, they are cost effective enough to have two of each.

Here I am after applying the make up using only pink avenue.


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