Plus size fashion- Work

I have an odd shape. Apple is kinda how you would describe me. I carry all of my weight on my bum and tum. I also am blessed with a rather round face, thankfully with decent cheekbones. I’m plus size also. The odds are very much stacked against me. The final nail in my fashion coffin is that I am and always have been regardless of my size somewhat conservative in my dress.

Put all of this together and bam you get one hell of a fashion quandary. I’m fairly average height at 5’5. So where do I shop? For work clothes it’s nearly always Marks and Spencer. They do the right leg length size and their tops wash well. I also get my bras there as well as my hosiery. Their PJs are super too and their customer service is fairly on the money. You can order something online if the store doesn’t have it in your size and their clothes are usually built for comfort and quality two things which are so important for work. You can bend over and not fear that your underwear will show.

From a quality perspective they always get that right really and if after one or two washes I’m not happy? It goes right back and a refund is obtained.

Places like Dunnes ,Penneys and New Look are great for statement pieces. Need a plus size pleather jacket? New look will funk up your life. I got a great waterfall style one there at Christmas.

Dunnes always have excellent shrugs and chiffon coverups which do the job of covering your arms if you don’t like them and also adding a fine layer if you are in an environment that the temperature can vary.

Finally work shoes ? You cannot beat Clarks or Ecco. I’m on my feet all day and need comfort . I find these two brands deliver. Clarks probably being the trendier of the two if I honest. I got amazing pony skin pumps there before Christmas and got comments galore on them. They are cool and practical which is the name of the game when you are on your feet x

I will post some top finds over the coming weeks to show you all.


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