Aqua Mineral pro nail kit

I posted on twitter a week or so
Ago a picture of my nails which were quite frankly a disgrace. A really busy few weeks coupled with the fact I just couldn’t commit to an appointment left me with shabby everything.

Raggy cuticles and brittle nails are never a good look especially when you are doing someone’s name up.

Aqua mineral kindly send me a set to use. I was not really convinced if I am honest when I saw the file buffer oil and cream shown in the picture. But a martyr to the cause I tried it. To say I was proven wrong is an understatement. From the first application my nails looked healthy and shiny and a few nights later and I booked my appointment to get my normal manicure done. When I went for the mani Vicki thought I was wearing a top coat my nails were so shiny.

Aqua Minerals is a natural company that takes it’s goodness from the Dead Sea. I’d definitely recommend their products for the hands and the bonus it smells absolutely divine.

Now that my manicure is done I’m still using the oil and hand cream. My treat is to bring the hand cream up my arm. It smells luxurious and feels silky smooth.

A great treat for you or someone you love.




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