California dreaming

Last Friday I went to The Salon Shop on the Kinsale road for a spray tan. It was kind of a last minute thing so I went with a partial tan and no prep done… A spray tanners nightmare anyway I arrived and found these two hunks awaiting me…


In true Glamity style I was wearing a huge pair of panties that had a bleach mark on them… joke! So hunk number one applied the barrier cream while hunk number two picked out a light medium mix in California tan. Sprayed all over evenly and done in a jiffy I was ready for road.

I hopped in the car looking already decidedly bronzed.


I left the tan to cook overnight and the smell wasn’t at all strong. The next day I woke looking like a true Californian native. It made me feel thinner blonder and my eyes bluer.

So far the fade off is good and I was a good girl in that I moisturised everyday all over. It’s fading now but I need to find a person that uses Cal-Tan really badly!



You can buy the at home version too which I will be purchasing on Saturday! A big thumbs up to it and also it would be brilliant for brides!

They were also using the Vani-t tan on the day!

Great products! Any tanners that use the Cal tan…… Call me! Xxxxx