Date night make up

A few gals emailed me and asked me about the make up I used on my face when I tweeted pictures of my new semi permanent lashes. So here’s a run down of my date night make up.

I wanted to start first by saying that date night make up can be anything you want. Mr Glamity is used to seeing me slap on a lot of slap so for date night I usually keep it slightly natural. On this particular night I was feeling kinda vampy having just had a spray tan and my nails and lashes put on.


So I will start with the This a Works no wrinkle time dose mask which I left on for 30 minutes. It left my face fresh and and ready for my foundation.

One of my recent purchases in MAC was a cool toned pallet and I used this for the eye look along with some wet n wild liquid liner along my top lash line


I always start with the eyes as they are the most time consuming and precise. After the eyes I applied Shiseido Sheer and perfect foundation in O60 all over my face with a real techniques buffing brush. The reason I use the buffing brush is because the foundation is more build able this way.

My eyes were quite dramatic so the cheeks and lips I wanted to play down, I used MAC coppertone on my cheek and the Shiseido sheer zone eye corrector under my eyes and down the size of my nose. I used what was left on my brush to highlight my forehead area.


Finally for the lip I used what most brides do a nice rosy pink. Again I looked to Shiseido and RS306 which is one of their best sellers,

Here’s the complete look


Apologies for the smug smirk but I’m not a fan of selfies!


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