I’m fine!

Ah the joys of being fine of hair… Bobby pins slide out your back combing means the loss of half your hair and the hair brush is not your friend. Finding good products that won’t weigh your hair down is hard but having hair that’s bleached and fine ? A dilemma awaits!


So with this in mind I will take you through my little routine for every day in terms of product.

Joico is a super brand that really does what it says on the tin. Not as expensive as it’s competitors it means that hair care is more affordable. We can let Joico worry about their science but but from my own experience over the last six months I’m Seeing stronger hair with every wash.

The KPak range is especially for damaged hair and the dry leave I product I spritz at the LEDs to keep then nourished because I have to blow dry my hair everyday because although I know you’re not supposed to I wash mine daily!

Have a look at these three works out at under €60 and I only replace the spray after three bottles of shampoo so approximately every four months.

Buying a better product means you spend less in the long run as you will use a smaller amount . Joico is only available at Salons! My hair dresser is Tara in Kopper Glanmire for Colour and Sabrina for a cut xxxxxx

Sweet dreams x


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