Take it away… Indeed

Estée Lauders Double wear foundation is one of their best selling products and anyone that’s worn the foundation will agree it’s fairly bulletproof.

It does however require a good make up remover. A normal run of the mill cleanser will require a few applications to remove it. I tried Lauders own Take it away recently.

Gentle enough to use on your eyes too if they aren’t sensitive , Take it away is a gel cream texture that dissolved the long wear make up with one application. It’s non drying and really effective.

It took off the residue of some long wear lipstick too. A great all round product. I tried it with normal foundation too and it’s equally good. Priced at €27 it’s not the most expensive cleanser I’ve used and the handy pump dispenser means that you don’t waste a drop!

Well worth the investment and you can use it just as a make up remover, and use a foam or gel
Afterwards… It’s gentle too.

Take it away…. Kinda does what it says on the bottle.


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