Lipstick holder

So I’m getting really organised with the approach of the opening go glam towers and while scouting around home-store and more I saw this little beauty… For €1.99


I bought it immediately. As any make up artist has, I also have a penchant for lipstick and generally for day to day it stick to nudes, pinks or reds depending on how vampy I’m feeling. My lipstick drawer normally looks like this

Not too shabby but if I’m time poor I end up rooting around a lot and vowing to buy pallets to squish them into. This is why this little holder is so handy. I chose my 9 fave lip sticks mad popped them on the stand. It fits back into the drawer so is nifty if you don’t like your stuff on display! So there you go…. Mwah xxxxx



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