Aqua Mineral Marvelle Rejuventating Mask.

I’m a product junkie. We’ve established that by now. When a luxury product like this arrives in the post I firstly squeal with delight and then get researching. Aqua Mineral was unknown to me as a brand up to recently and the nail kit I used was super impressive, so much so I gave it away as a prize on my page.

The mask is intriguing because you use a spatula to apply but a magnet ( supplied) wrapped in tissue to remove it.


It’s a rejuvenating mask which is mud based. You apply it to cleansed skin and leave it to work for 5-10 minutes. I wish I could say I luxuriated in the bath while it worked… In reality I took in the washing and put out another load as well as having a brief chat with my father in law who asked me if I had been up a chimney


You can see above why he thought I was. A little of this product goes a long way. I used a little on my décolleté also. It didn’t sting or feel tight when I applied it.

Taking off the mask with a magnet seems a bit weird, however, it really does work, here’s a pic


You just need to ensure that you’re using a good quality cosmetic tissue that won’t fall apart. What I loved about the removal is that there was no residue left and my skin felt really soft and hydrated afterwards. That’s no mean feat for me yesterday , I was up early for a stocktake at work as well as having consumed very little water at the weekend.

The results? Clear and hydrated skin. I cannot reiterate enough the luxury of this product. It feels smooth and luxurious and would make a perfect calorie free Easter present.

I found my BB cream glided on perfectly and even when I took off my make up today it felt hydrated!

It’s retail price is €124.99 and you can buy it from
Go on…. Indulge

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